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Twenty Twenty

I’ve paused for a moment to reflect on what last year has brought,

so many lessons that really can’t be taught.

In all of my life experience never have I seen,

so many countries round the world brought to their knees.

We need to keep communicating to help each other stand tall,

with baby steps we’ll start again, no more free-for-alls.

The news is on every day in most households across the lands,

even the forgotten homeless can listen to the sounds.

There is a quiet murmur that none of us can quite believe,

how vulnerable and precious our lives really can be.

Let’s think about our climate and consider what we can do,

opportunities have been given - Did we really have no clue?

There goes the first lesson coming to the fore,

twenty-twenty vison now sees changes in our laws.

Two meters stands between us the space cannot be ignored.

Although it’s something we must do, to keep those safe we adore.

Responsibility is not that heavy when we think of those we love,

for when you have lost someone,

emotions rise above.

2021 is knocking on our door,

this new year is brighter than those that came before.

Words often come easy and may also be ignored,

this year has brought in action with many acts to applaud.

From carers to key workers, they’ve kept our lives afloat,

even though our worlds been rocked we must make room on our boats.

Many, many years ago, someone once said to me,

there is always someone worse off than you who needs to receive.

It could be love or acknowledgement – “maybe dashes of make believe”

It’s a line that always grounds me to focus on the present,

never has it stopped me identifying the crescent.

I’m now looking to the future a little more prepared

thinking of this last year I don’t feel so scared.

I wish you all a happy new year and all your dreams come true,

And may we all find gratitude in everything we do…

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