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Ain't no party like a Menopause Party

A couple of weeks ago on International Womens Day the first showing of Menopause Party was performed at UCL The evening included an informative and relaxed presentation in the expert hands of Joyce Harper followed by her findings on a recent survey of around 5000 individuals. In addition to this, myself and the unstoppable Elizabeth Carr-Ellis joined in with a question and answer session. We laughed, sang and talked with each breath having a connection to the menopause.

Since it's last outing under the name of Her & The Change in Me, the show has been developed with the addition of Dolly Slatemen replacing me (before you get confused they're both me, just go with it) This has indeed helped the show move away from any menopausal taboos - a big shout out to the shows director here Chris Head . As Dolly just doesn't know what the word means, in her world she discusses her menopause on a daily basis with anyone who will listen, namely the public bar. The show allows those attending to relax and laugh along, whilst at the same time listening and learning via menopausal antidotes through the Doctor and the Judge (still me) It is proven that whilst laughing we are happier to take on board information and engage with the presenter, which lets face it has to be a win, win.

In more recent news, we've heard on the menopausal grape vine that reduced costs for HRT as promised on Menopause Day October 2021, will not be occurring until April 2023. In the same week, Boots UK have announced all their staff will receive free HRT if they choose to use it. Approx 8600 Boots team members are currently lined up to access HRT to relieve menopausal symptoms. I'm sure the marketing department at Boots are being applauded for their ingenuity on such a topical campaign. Not only have they shown they're in touch with their employees but also highlighted what governments of both Scotland and Wales offer their nations, free HRT. Of course having said that there is a massive HRT shortage which is a whole new post, and we still have too many GPs who need menopausal training. However things are moving and with the closer possibilities of Menopause becoming a characteristic on the Equality Act, then yes I also applaud Boots and encourage other companies to get on board in finding ways to support their workforce and society.

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