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Menopause Party is a Menopause Comedy that will educate and make you laugh. Dolly Slatemen Pub Landlady extraordinaire is the alter ego of Pub Landlady ordinaire Debbie Baisden. Dolly brings her menopause experience to the stage. She takes on acting lessons to express her menopause and shares her findings with the audience. 

Look out for the Essex Tour this October through till March 2024

Check below for next shows in your area. Or if you would like to book a show please see contact form.

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London Pub Theatres

Move over Al Murray, here is the working wo-mans

Pub Landlady

Dolly Slatemen, authentic , endearing and hugely entertaining. Baisden  immerses herself in the outrageous caricatures, speaking directly to the audience and using the audience participation with singalongs and catch phrases. It is a highly entertaining show, and one that should be seen by all women who are likely to go through the menopause of 40 years plus, bearing in mind that the popular culture referred to is aimed at this

mid-life and older audience. Men are welcome too.

Westminster City Council

We wanted a different and engaging way of educating staff and showing solidarity with those experiencing the menopause while having a laugh, and Debbie definitely gave us that!

Since then menopause champions have been established and there is now a Westminster staff support group for women experiencing the menopause.


 Debbie delivered a very well-received lunchtime virtual Menopause Party workshop for our Unite in Arts branch members. We really appreciated Debbies informative, honest and fun approach to raising awareness of the menopause using a combination of personal experience general facts and stats and a cheeky visit  from one of her comedic alter-egos Dolly.Thank you Debbie and Dolly.

No upcoming events at the moment

Free Menopause Resources


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